The Roger Tarry Company is an industry leader in manufacturing all types of Plastic and Stainless Steel Machine Guard products for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

The Roger Tarry Company have extensive manufacturing experience and are able to offer a complete manufacturing package, including Site Surveying, CAD Design, Skilled Fitting, Installation and excellent customer guidance and support.

Plastic Fabrication
Click here for information on our capabilities with Polycarbonates, Acrylic, PETG, PVC, Polypropylene and Polyethylene Plastics...

Stainless Steel
The Roger Tarry Company's specialised Stainless Steel Fabrication facility and experience engineering staff ensure high quality products.
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Machine Guards
From simple designs to advanced fabrications, the Roger Tarry Company prides itself on having the flexibility to cater for a customer's product needs in any size, shape or form. Click here to see why the Roger Tarry Company can help you...

Guard Spares
The Roger Tarry Company stocks a comprehensive range of ancillary parts, including Handles, Hinges, Catches, Spacers and are recognised experts with GuardMaster Interlock products.

A complimentary range of products is available, including Screens and Line Barriers, GMP Tables, Steps and Working Platforms, Conveyor Dust Covers, Reject Bins and Metal Detector Test Pieces. 

Special Projects
The Roger Tarry Company also undertakes specialist commissions and project management work for OEM's, Suppliers and End Users, and have a proven track record for discretion, reliability, speed and cost effectiveness.

Roger Tarry
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