Machine Guards

There are ever increasing problems for employers in implementing the latest regulations of the FDA, the MCA, the GMP and the HSSE.

At Roger Tarry we understand this and produce guards and enclosures capable of covering all areas or adapting to the most important aspects of individual cases.

Operator Safety
Acoustic Enclosures
Dust Control / Extraction 
Product Contamination
Laminar Flow
De-humidified Air
Reject Control
Material Handling

It is becoming increasingly beneficial
to produce CAD drawings of projects and for all involved to view and discuss these drawings at the outset of the project. This allows all requirements to be planned for before manufacture takes place. With our vast experience of producing guards for Original Equipment Manufacturers and production facilities, we are able to make recommendations to include cost-effective solutions inherent to a single design.
  Once a design is approved, we encourage the involvement of Health and Safety Personnel, Engineering Personnel and Machine Operators.

A badly designed guard can restrict operator access, make maintenance and changeovers difficult and sometimes even be dangerous - all of which could result in loss of production or worse. A positive input from those involved often leads to a positive, appreciated result.

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Food Industry Guarding                       

Line Guard

Stand-alone Guarding Unit

Mesh Guarding