Plastic Fabrication

Working with modern plastic materials is a highly skilled and technical process, which requires years of hands on experience to be able to achieve products of the highest quality.

It is through this experience that the Roger Tarry Company has been able to achieve exceptional fabricating skills, with many of the plastics currently utilised by industry today.

Some of these plastics are listed below...

Material Properties Applications 
Polycarbonate  High Impact Strength, Optical clarity Machine Guards, Security, Anti Vandalism, Architectural Glazing
Acrylic Lightweight, Good Weather Properties, Excellent Clarity, Excellent Scratch resistance  Vehicle, Nautical & Aeronautical, Glazing, Machine Guards
PETG High Rigidity & Impact Strength, FDA Approval Wall Partitions, Machine Guards, Safety Glazing, Poster Covers, Food & Pharmaceutical Usage
PVC Good Acoustic Quality, Excellent Weather Resistance, Excellent Chemical Resistance Protective clear covers, Displays, Rooflights, Machine Guards
Polyethylene Excellent Chemical Resistance, Non transparent, Wide Colour range  Pharmaceutical / Food table tops, Machine bed decking, Tablet chutes, guides
These materials are used in varying ways under varying conditions and the correct choice of materials for a specific application is vital to ensure years of high protection and low maintenance form the product.

The Table above give a brief description of the types of applications and conditions in which they are used. These descriptions are meant as a guide only and should there be any question or doubt over the correct material for a project, then please contact the Roger Tarry Company for more in-depth advice and guidance. 


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