Special Projects

As the need for specialised services increases in today's technologically advanced working environment, the Roger Tarry Company has become increasingly involved in the management of "design to manufacture" projects.

These projects have wide ranging themes in many different industries, but with the Roger Tarry Companies industry experience and manufacturing capabilities has it well placed for this type of function.

Case Study One

An example of this type of project was recently undertaken for the ALLTEC Laser Company based in Rotherham. The project called for the development of two No. Class 1 certified, mobile laser enclosures. These enclosures are used to protect a three laser, high speed printing system, for use within the production of aluminium drinks cans for a well-known soft drinks company.

The project was taken on under strict constraints on overall dimensions, tolerances, and material flow and with a design to completed manufacture time of just five weeks. Add to this the need for a complete set of working drawings and parts lists for the purchase of replacements wear parts and accessories, meant that all of the Roger Tarry company's technical skills and experience were utilised, to ensure the project was completed to the overwhelming satisfaction of all party's involved. 

The photos below show the completed enclosures ready for packing and delivery.

Case Study Two

This project incorporates the complete enclosure of a newly developed machine. The Roger Tarry Company was asked to design and manufacture, a generic set of guarding, which would ensure complete product containment, ease of access for maintenance and changeover and operator safety. This is proving to be a great success for all parties and numerous machines are now in circulation around the world. These sets of guards are now stocked at the Roger Tarry site, to be called off by the client, as machines are built and sold.



These type of projects are typical of the needs of OEM's, suppliers and end users, in the current economic environment where customers require high quality, reduced costs and quick deliveries. It is through the Roger Tarry company's involvement in projects of the type and its close relationship with manufacturers and end users alike, that places Roger Tarry at the forefront of machine guard design.